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Sophia for Sustainability Map

The Sustainable Campus Map (SCM) is intended to help students, faculty, and staff at Sophia University to make environmentally-friendly and sustainable choices on campus.

In this initiative, the students from the Environmental Science class and the Ecology Club at the University of Portland as well as KASA Sustainability members and the Agrarian Societies class at Sophia University partnered to explore a variety of climate change adaptation activities to be implemented on both campuses. Small groups of students between the two universities collaborated in creating an action proposal including how sustainable actions contribute to climate change adaptation on the campuses.

The map displays both the facilities on campus that everyone can use (such as the water refilling stations and umbrella rental stands) and the initiatives that everyone can become involved in (such as gardening and composting). We believe the continuation of purposeful decisions in our daily lives can bring forth positive change in our own lives as well as in our university community and our surrounding natural environments.

Join us in making sustainable choices on campus starting today!

*Digital map coming soon! Keep checking this page for more updates!

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