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Considering KASA is based in a university, our definition of sustainability encompasses three areas that are central to the missions of higher education:

  1. Research and Education

  2. Practice and Infrastructure

  3. Community Engagement

Learning to be sustainable beings

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About us

Understanding sustainability and

learning to be sustainable beings

KASA Sustainability was formed in 2015 with the mission of (re)connecting people to nature. We are interested in understanding and appreciating complex and dynamic human-nature relations. Our first initiative was the Campus Farming project, which teaches how to enjoy the harvest of organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers  while appreciating the importance and difficulty of growing food.

The name KASA has multiple interconnected meanings. In Latin languages, “Casa” is a word for “house/home.” At KASA, we see ourselves as a home where people with distinct backgrounds, skills, and expertise can come together to understand and practice sustainability and learn to be sustainable beings. Kasa (傘) also means “umbrella” in Japanese. The umbrella is made by gathering several spokes together that support each other to protect people from the rain. As an umbrella structure, at KASA, we are all connected to the core belief that “humans are not in control of nature.” 

"Sustainability can only be realized when all beings recognize the delicate and complex human-nature interactions and honor the diversity of nature as it is."



7-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo,102-8554  |  Sophia University, Bldg.10 - 530

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