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Learning from Others and Sharing

KASA values learning not only from individual research but also learning from each other in a community.

By actively participating in local and international conferences, writing and publishing papers, and organizing workshops, members of KASA get many opportunities to enrich their knowledge in sustainability, engage with a like-minded community, improve life skills while enjoying the experience, and share what they’ve learned through research and action. Information sharing is done through a variety of platforms such as academic papers publication to SNS media.

A great manner to envision how connected our activities are is by actively participating in the Campus Composting/Farming initiative. As a fun way to learn from other people’s knowledge and practices, KASA members have the chance to learn more about agriculture through organic and natural farm visits and consulting professional farmers. Then, some of the knowledge acquired in field research can be implemented in our campus composting/farming. Finally, the learnings, experiences of great results, and mistakes are shared via KASA Campus Farming Diary in our blog. The reflections of those activities are also discussed at the Sustainable Campus Forum to find out how to engage students, faculty members, and staff in acting more sustainably and understanding sustainability in a more holistic way. We have also organized workshops at international conferences and collaborated with other universities and businesses to discuss campus sustainability and create meaningful solutions to engage people studying and working on campus. We plan to publish our findings in academic papers.

This mutual connection of engagement between KASA members and outside communities is something KASA wishes to continue and expand upon in its future endeavors.

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