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Kyoko Okuyama


Undergraduate Student

Faculty of Law (with concentration on International Environmental Law)

Sophia University



Research Interests: International Environmental Law, Environmental Policy and Marine Resource Management 

Other projects/NGOs/Seminars:

  • Organizer of Global Climate March in Tokyo by Fridays for Future Tokyo

  • Climate Reality 2019 Trainee

Graduation Thesis:

My graduation thesis was on International Environmental Norms in the Aquaculture Industry. (Specifically the international certification systems that are identifying "sustainable" aquaculture operations.)

I've been also been interning in a sustainable consulting and energy policy institution where I hope to learn more about renewable energy policies especially in Japan. 


What I do for Sustainability

Trying to eat food with less carbon footprints, reducing consumption of unnecessary things  and supporting sustainable brands! 

Not taking "sustainable" things at face value and staying inquisitive about what can be done better for the environment. 


Future plans for a better world: 

Continuing to stay active in voicing my concerns in the community I belong in, contributing through my career and personal life in furthering a society coexisting with nature. I believe my individual actions will also influence decisions made by people in government, corporations etc. 


Prior to Sophia University:
I studied at the Hiroo Gakuen (広尾学園) High School. 





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