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Gaylen Nowotarski


MA in Global Studies

Graduate School of Global Studies

Sophia University



Research Interests: Racial Identities, Racial Language, Transnational Systems of Race and Racism, and Race Theory 

Undergraduate Research Projects:

  • Year 1: Queer Lives Under the Japanese Legal System: The Efficacy of Current and Future Legislation

  • Year 2: What is ‘The Japanese Race’?: Reviewing Methods of Analysis in ‘Western’ Academic Discourse about Japan and ‘Race’

  • Year 3: Information Dissemination in “Genpuro” (about mapping and analyzing information pathways between Modern Japanese Studies Program (MJSP, or “genpuro”) students, program professors, and university administrators to understand the gaps between the administration’s ideal information pathways and communication in practice)

  • Year 4 (Graduation Thesis): The Mortifying Ordeal of Being Known:

  • Exploring the Othering of Foreign Students in Japan and Rethinking the Framework of Race

What I do for Sustainability

On the individual level, I try to buy local produce, refuse single-use items, challenge my consumerist habits, and study up on alternative lifestyles. I also tend to my eclectic driveway-turned-vegetable garden, and chat with curious and interested neighbors. I recognize that all of these choices and activities reflect my relative privilege, and I am committed to supporting accessible and inclusive sustainability. As a KASA member, I aim to participate in a wider network of idea exchange and social action, and link up with others to work together at making a difference.


Prior to Sophia University:
Born and raised in the U.S. Graduated ​with a Bachelor from the Modern Japanese Studies Program at Hokkaido University, studying primarily law, politics, sociology, and anthropology (among many other subjects related to Japan) in Japanese and English.





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