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Camille Cheang


MA in Global Environmental Studies
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
Sophia University



Research Interests: Urban Environmental Studies, Environmental Psychology, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Environmental History, Disaster Risk Reduction, Mitigation, and Management

Graduation Thesis:

Currently exploring research on gender and youth perspectives and participation in disaster risk management in urban poor communities.


What I do for Sustainability

Reducing consumption of unnecessary things;
Repurposing old items;
Trying to be more conscious when eating food that produce less carbon footprints!
Being more critical of systems and products that label themselves as “sustainable”.


Future plans for a better world: 

Hoping to be in a career where I get to help the most vulnerable populations to climate change (PWDs, women, children, etc.) especially in urban settings.
Improving my own personal efforts, decisions, and actions to have minimal harmful effects on the environment.
Giving support to people to cooperate for a better interaction with the environment, even in the smallest ways. 

Prior to Sophia University:
Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. Worked as a project manager in a sustainability communications agency for two years.





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